To help newer and older Americans thrive

by having  valuable conversations 

Table Wisdom is a social enterprise that brings mature adults and foreign-born students together for professional mentoring and conversational English-speaking sessions.  Its a Encore Prize National Finalist and Award Recipient and a national partner for Generation to Generation.

We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our students and mentors by creating connections and revolutionizing education. One table at a time.



At Table Wisdom, we know that each of us has something unique to give. We match mature adults who have native English language ability or fluency with foreign borns for mutually beneficial conversations, combining professional mentoring with language learning and friendship in ways that change lives.


Evaluated by St. Louis University, our education model has proven effective on both sides of the table.

SLU Students and Mentor having a conversation
Student and Mentor engaged in conversation

For foreign borns, having a personal American professional mentor and better English mean better lives. From higher paying jobs and superior grades in school to meeting new friends, conversations with mentors build confidence and fluency in ways typical classroom learning cannot.

And for mature adults, being a Table Wisdom mentor is about being valued and discovering a renewed sense of purpose. Several studies have shown that mentoring improves health and helps reduce depression by ending social isolation and loneliness.

Join us as we revolutionize education, social engagement, and cultural awareness.

We’ve got a seat at the table waiting just for you!



Rey Castuciano
Rey Castuciano, Founder & CEO

Rey Castuciano, a Filipino immigrant and his Dad's caregiver, founded Table Wisdom in late 2014 after spending most of his career in a Fortune 500 biotech firm.


When his father suffered a stroke a few years ago, necessitating a long nursing-home stay, Rey spent a lot of time in the facility. He noticed that while other residents had a lot to offer, they often suffered from loneliness and social isolation.

Around the same time, he also became aware of a program where American seniors helped Brazilian students improve their English through Skype sessions. And that’s when it hit him. "We have a lot of immigrants who want to practice conversational English, and we have a large aging population. Why not marry the two and create opportunity for both groups?" Thus, Table Wisdom was born.


Rey earned a BS from UCLA and an MBA from University of Southern California. He received additional training on social entrepreneurship from Washington University in St. Louis Skandalaris Center and the Brown School of Social Work.  The program is an Award recipient and National Finalist for The Encore Prize, won an award from the Washington University in St. Louis Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition and a national partner for Generation to Generation.  He was nominated for the National Mentoring Partnership's (MENTOR) Excellence in Mentoring Award and the Visionary Award Leading Age - Missouri.  His work had been on the #1 Wall Street Journal Book on Aging Well, 'How to Live Forever,' New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN Health and other media outlets. He is a Public Voices Fellow of The OpEd Project and a Care Fellow of Caring Across Generation.


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