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Do you want to have a better career or internship, English and idea of American culture?  

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Want to assist someone affected by social distancing during the Covid-19 Crisis?

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Do you want to make a difference by having fun and convenient chats, without leaving your home?



Flourish in the United States

  • Develop proficiencies for interviewing and skills necessary to excel in school or in your career.

  • Practice English and learn American culture using 1:1 weekly meetings.

  • Build your network with your mentor, a seasoned American professional, who wants to help you succeed.

“I feel so blessed to have met my excellent English language mentor Alan…Alan always encouraged me to speak out and taught me some idiomatic English which I didn’t learn from textbook. That’s awesome!”

— Zachary, Student




Share Your Wisdom

  • Help your student develop a better command of the English language, which has proven to assist past students in developing the skills necessary to progress not only in school and their careers but also in life.

  • Share your life experiences, including your knowledge of American culture, and learn about your student’s background and lifestyle.

  • Discover a renewed sense of purpose and experience the positive health benefits of meeting a new friend!

"I can't tell you what this has done for me. This old lady was able to help somebody … and I consider [my student] a very dear friend now that I care about and want her to succeed."

— Marilyn, Mentor



Are you looking to join a meaningful & innovative social enterprise?

We’re currently recruiting for unpaid interns and volunteers and who have integrity, intelligence and energy. Using design thinking, Lean Start-Up methodology and, most importantly, grit, you’ll influence strategic choices to grow an enterprise that not only matters to the two populations it serves, but also to the larger community.

Apply today by submitting your resume and cover letter.



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